K-9 Ranger is a German Shepherd born in the Czech Republic in August 2017. He joined the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office in 2019 and is partnered with Deputy Jason Kuhnly. K-9 Ranger’s specialties include criminal apprehension, narcotics detection, handler protection, tracking and article searches.

K-9 Ranger has had numerous on-the-job successes, but one of his more memorable ones involved tracking two wanted fugitives who’d fled from a correctional facility. After finding them in a heavily wooded  area, the escaped inmates asked to know his name and were impressed with his naturally gifted nose.

When Ranger is not working he enjoys relaxing with his human family and enjoying endless hugs and petting. His favorite game is tug-of-war with a Kong on a Rope.


K-9 Donny is a mix of German Shepherd and Malinois, born in Hungary in 2019. He joined the St. Louis County Sheriff’s office in November 2020 and is partnered with Sergeant Ben Fye.

K-9 Donny is a dual purpose K-9, trained to detect narcotics and work patrol.  He loves to work, which to him is play. His favorite is a Kong.


K-9 Phoenix joined the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office in June 2021 and is partnered with Deputy Ryan Smith. He is a Dutch Shepherd born in the United States in May 2020.

K-9 Phoenix is certified in narcotics detection and to work patrol. He loves any toy that squeaks, and has gotten quite good at sneaking onto furniture at home to sleep.


K-9 Thor is a Czech Shepherd born in the Czech Republic in 2019. Since February of 2022, he’s been partnered with Deputy Marty Thorne in the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office, where he specializes in narcotics detection, tracking, and apprehension.

He’s already proven successful at all three skills: assisting another agency during a vehicle stop and finding drugs and a loaded firearm, locating a vulnerable adult who’d been at risk of hypothermia, and apprehending a wanted felon who thought crossing a creek would be enough to throw K-9 Thor off his scent.

And like all superheroes, K-9 Thor loves to work hard and play hard. His favorite toy? A Kong.