K-9 Riggs joined the Duluth Police Department in the spring of 2017 and is partnered with Officer Dean Bauers. Originally from Hungary (born in November 2015), Riggs is a German Shepherd who is trained to sniff out a variety of explosives, as well as to track and locate people. He finished in the top three of his class during certification at detecting approximately two dozen different explosives.

With his friendly personality, K-9 Riggs is a crowd favorite wherever he goes, including at Foundation events such as Operation K-9 and running with Officer Bauers in our inaugural 5K-9 race.



K-9 Kallie holds several claims to fame – she’s the first non-shepherd K-9 in the Duluth Police Department and only the second female. But far more impressive – on her very first day on duty (November 2019) she and partner Officer Jeremy O’Connor were called to search and clear a large school building following a bomb threat.

K-9 Kallie is a Black Labrador Retriever, born in July 2018. She specializes in explosives detection and searching for firearms/shell casings, and has helped sweep areas for explosives for visits from Presidents, Vice Presidents, Governors, Senators and people from many other levels of Government.

When she’s not working, she loves playing with any kind of tug toy, and in the summer she loves to swim and soak up the sun.


K-9 Vili is a mix of Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd. He was born in Hungary in October 2018 and joined the Duluth Police Department in June 2020, where he works with Officer Josh Aubart. K-9 Vili is trained in narcotics detection, article search, tracking and apprehension. His first successful track involved finding a handgun that had been used in a shooting and then discarded alongside a road as the suspect tried to escape. K-9 Vili was able to find it in less than 20 minutes.

K-9 Vili loves to play! His favorite toy is a yellow foam ball on a rope. When given the choice of eating or playing with the ball, he sometimes picks the toy over food!


K-9 Athena is a Dutch Shepherd who specializes in narcotics detection, apprehension, evidence detection and tracking. She has one speed: GO!

Born in October 2019, she joined the Duluth Police Department in June 2021, and is partnered with Officer Kaine Kasse. A bittersweet note – she is the half sister of deceased Duluth Police K-9 Luna.

K-9 Athena loves to play with toys that allow her to show off how good she is hanging on and pulling, including a ball on a rope and a bite pillow.