Support the AMSOIL Northland Law Enforcement K-9 Foundation

K-9s put their lives on the line for their human partners, track felons, search for and rescue lost people, and sniff out drugs, weapons and critical evidence. They work odd hours – often overnight shifts and weekends – in all types of weather. K-9s are invaluable members of our law enforcement teams.

These dogs willingly go into situations that are too dangerous for their human partners. They make officers’ jobs safer, and help those officers work more efficiently because, with the K-9’s sharp sense of smell, it can detect suspects and evidence much more quickly than a person ever could.

They are gentle creatures, trusted by officers and their families. The dogs live with their officer handlers at home as pets when off duty and become part of the family. Yet, when given the command, these K-9s can chase down criminals and hold them until an arrest is made.

Please help support the K-9s that work to keep our Northland communities safe.


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